Basic Training Tutorials

In this course you will learn every step to running a successful email marketing campaign!

Installing Lead Grabber

Congratulations on your purchase of the absolute best lead generation tool on the planet. In this video I will show you how you install your tool so that you can get started.

Operating Lead Grabber

Now that you have successfully installed the Lead Grabber tool onto your computer I will show you how you properly operate the tool to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Captcha Solving

This is a very important that you watch this entire video before you start running a Lead Grabber campaign because it can mean the differences between a successful lead grabbing campaign and your IP being temporarily banned by Google.

Cleaning Your Cookies

Sometimes Google chooses to be a bully and will still make you solve the captcha code repeatedly. We cannot control this but we can show you a trick that will decrease the chances of this happening to you and that is by cleaning your browsers cookies. Limitations

We wanted to increase your LGP experience by adding as a Search Engine. Although our users love the addition, we still want you to be aware that there are certain limitation that come with it if your outside the U.S.A!